New 52 Reading Order

Welcome to the New 52 Reading Order.  This is a reading order for all DC comics published under the New 52 line,  beginning after the Flashpoint event and ending with the Convergence event.  The continuity of the New 52 continues in the DC You Reading Order.

Not including events

Issues:  Dial H #0 to Sword of Sorcery Vol. 2 #3

Years:  2011-2013

Events:  Batman: Zero YearThe CullingNight of the Owls

First Appearances:  None

The reading order begins in the distant past and gradually catches up to present day.  There are many changes to the status quo of the DC Universe with the beginning of the New 52.  Most of the characters are rebooted and revamped,  with the notable exceptions of Batman and Green Lantern,  whose continuities remain largely intact.

Issues:  Justice League Dark #9 to Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1

Years:  2012-2014

Events:  Rise of the Third ArmyWrath of the First LanternRotworldThrone of AtlantisSuperman: H’el on EarthDeath of the FamilyGreen Lantern: Lights OutBatman: Requiem

First Appearances:  None

The second (and 3rd through 6th) wave of New 52 comics begin to appear and events become more frequent.

Issues:  Detective Comics Vol. 2 #22 to Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 7 #23

Years:  2013-2015

Events:  GothtopiaTrinity WarForever EvilForever Evil: Blight,  Krypton Returns,  Red Daughter of KryptonSuperman: DoomedGreen Lantern: UprisingNew 52: Futures EndGreen Lantern: GodheadRobin RisesBatman: EndgameMultiversityConvergence

First Appearances:  None

The biggest event of the New 52,  Forever Evil,  takes place.  The Convergence event marks the end of the New 52 branding and leads into DC You.  The end of the reading order contains the New 52 series taking place in the far future.