The Multiverse is being invaded by malevolent destroyers known as The Gentry,  who serve an entity only known as the Empty Hand.  Various heroes from across the Multiverse are forced to band together to face this inter-dimensional threat.

Year Published:  2014
Featured Characters:  The Gentry
Previous Event:  Batman: Endgame
Next Event:  Convergence


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Reading Order

The Multiversity #1 (2014)

The Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World #1 (2014)

The Multiversity: The Just #1 (2014)

The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 (2015)

The Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1 (2015)

The Multiversity Guidebook #1 (2015)

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 (2015)

The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 (2015)

The Multiversity #2