Other Comic Book Reading Orders

There are many other comics out there worth reading besides Marvel or DC.  Maybe you are burnt out on the Big Two and are looking for something else or read.  Or maybe you just want a complete story with a beginning,  middle,  and end;  30 issues and you’re finished.  You might want to read comics from a licensed franchise you are interested in.  There are hundreds of options beyond Marvel and DC,  even if it is superheroes you want to read about.  In this section you will find reading orders for these type of comics.

Reading Orders

Reading Orders

Below are several reading orders broken up into different categories.  Reading Orders are reading orders for a specific series or related sets of series;  for example the Star Wars comics by Dark Horse or Hellboy.  Reading Lists are a list of comics about a subject that are worth reading;  for example the Ninja Turtles or Conan.  Writer Reading Lists are lists of comics by a specific writer that are worth reading.  Genre Reading Lists are lists of comics in a specific genre worth reading.

Valiant Comics

Starting in 2012 Valiant Entertainment started publishing new comics in a brand new continuity.  Since the launch of these comics the quality has consistently been very high and they are highly recommended.  If you want to try reading a shared universe other then Marvel or DC then Valiant is your best option today.

Hasbro Universe (IDW)

The Hasbro Universe is a shared fictional universe published by IDW where characters from all of the franchises owned by Hasbro take place.  It was formed during the Revolution event in 2016,  although the previous G.I. Joe and Transformer continuities are carried over.

Hasbro Universe (IDW) Reading Order (Coming Soon)

 Hasbro Universe Events: