Reign of Doomsday

A set of Doomsdays,  each with the powers and abilities of Steel,  Superboy,  Eradicator,  and the Cyborg Superman,  are sent out to find and capture the four super beings who bore the S-Shield after Superman’s death.

Year Published:  2011
Featured Characters:  Doomsday,  Superman,  Steel,  Cyborg Superman,  Superboy
Previous Event:  Batman: Judgment on Gotham
Next Event:  War of the Green Lanterns


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Reading Order

Steel Vol. 3 #1 (2011)

Outsiders Vol. 4 #37

Justice League of America Vol. 2 #55

Superman/Batman Annual #5

Superboy Vol. 5 #6

Action Comics #900
Action Comics #901
Action Comics #902
Action Comics #903
Action Comics #904