Evolutionary War

The High Evolutionary has rededicated himself to guiding and enhancing the evolution of humanity so that his race may one day be supreme to all others. To this end he initiates several concurrent efforts to accelerate human evolution and eliminate perceived threats to mankind’s genetic purity. He unleashes attacks all over the world to guide the way of human evolution.

Year Published:  1988
Featured Characters:  Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer
Previous EventFall of the Mutants
Next EventInferno

Ongoing Series

Limited Series



X-Factor Annual #3

Punisher Annual Vol. 2 #1 (1988)

Silver Surfer Annual #1 (1988)

New Mutants Annual #4

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22

Fantastic Four Annual #21

Uncanny X-Men Annual #12

Web of Spider-Man Annual #4

West Coast Avengers Annual #3

Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8

Avengers Annual #17