Worlds Collide

Fred Bentson unwittingly becomes a portal between two worlds and two cities.  A living link between Dakota,  home city of the Milestone heroes,  and Metropolis,  home of Superman.  Eventually Bentson loses control of his powers and transforms into Rift.  The heroes of the two universes come together to stop him and seal the dangerous rift between their worlds.

Year Published:  1994
Featured Characters:  Superman,  Superboy,  Steel
Previous Event:  Batman: Troika
Next Event:  Zero Hour


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Reading Order

Superman: The Man of Steel #35

Hardware #17

Superboy Vol. 4 #6

Icon #15

Steel Vol. 2 #6

Blood Syndicate #16

Worlds Collide #1 (1994)

Superboy Vol. 4 #7

Hardware #18

Superman: The Man of Steel #36

Icon #16

Steel Vol. 2 #7

Blood Syndicate #17

Static #14