Mutant Massacre

The Marauders attack the underground mutant community and kill hundreds of Morlocks before the X-Men and X-Factor teams arrive separately and fight them,  avoiding the total slaughter of the Morlocks.  The two teams however do not meet during the battle and suffer crippling losses.

Year Published:  1986
Featured Characters:  X-Men,  X-Factor,  Thor
Previous Event:  Secret Wars II
Next Event:  Kraven’s Last Hunt


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Reading Order

Uncanny X-Men #210

X-Factor #9

Uncanny X-Men #211

X-Factor #10

New Mutants #46

Thor #373

Power Pack #27

Uncanny X-Men #212

Thor #374

X-Factor #11

Uncanny X-Men #213 – First appearance of Psylocke

Daredevil #238