Marvel NOW!

Welcome to the Marvel NOW! Reading Order.  Marvel NOW! presents a shift in the Marvel Universe following the Avengers vs. X-Men event and was designed as a jumping on point for new readers and featured many changes to character status quos,  alter egos,  and costumes.  Marvel NOW! ended with the conclusion of the Secret Wars (2015) event and made way for All-New All-Different Marvel.

Not including events

Issues:  Marvel NOW! Point One #1 to Revolutionary War: Omega #1

Years:  2012-2014

Events:  Age of UltronInfinityInhumanityBattle of the AtomRevolutionary War

First Appearances:  Angela,  Kamala Khan

The first half of the Marvel NOW! reading order contains dozens of new series and major shifts in the status quo.  The five original X-Men are back.  The teams of X-Force,  the Defenders,  and the Thunderbolts consist of new members.  They is a new,  superior,  Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York.  The Avengers and New Avengers series see the beginnings of an epic story that will culminate years later with the Secret Wars (2015) event.

Issues:  X-Men Vol. 4 #7 to Secret Wars Too #1

Years:  2014-2016

Events:  Goblin NationThe Trial of Jean GreyOriginal SinDeath of WolverineAvengers & X-Men: AXISSpider-VerseBlack VortexSecret Wars (2015)

First Appearances:  Silk,  Spider-Gwen

Part Two of the Marvel NOW! reading order continues many of the series from Part One as well as premiering several new ones.  Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America.  A hero who couldn’t die is dead.  There is a new female Thor after the original Thor is unworthy to continue wielding Mjolnir.  Jonathan Hickman’s epic storyline comes to a close with Secret Wars (2015) and brings about the end of the Marvel NOW! era.