Chaos War

The Chaos King has chosen to annihilate all reality and to return the universe back to its state of primordial darkness,  thus launching a massive assault on Earth to wipe out all of existence with an army of thousands of alien deities at his back.  This forces the remaining heroes,  gods,  and cosmic beings to join forces in a last desperate effort to stop him.

Year Published:  2010
Featured Characters:  Hulk,  Hercules,  Thor
Previous Event:  Wolverine Goes to Hell
Next Event:  Age of X


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Reading Order

Chaos War: Chaos King #1 (2010)

Chaos War #1 (2010)

Chaos War: Ares #1 (2010)

Chaos War #2
Chaos War #3

Chaos War: God Squad #1 (2010)

Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 (2010)

Incredible Hulks #618

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1 (2010)

Chaos War #4

Chaos War: X-Men #1 (2010)
Chaos War: X-Men #2

Chaos War: Thor #1 (2010)
Chaos War: Thor #2

Incredible Hulks #619
Incredible Hulks #620

Chaos war: Dead Avengers #2
Chaos war: Dead Avengers #3

Chaos War #5