Janus Directive

Various metahuman military agencies in the U.S. receive intel called the “Janus Directive.”   It details how each of the other agencies are plotting against them.  Someone is manipulating the various agencies in order to distract them.

Year Published:  1989
Featured Characters:  Suicide Squad,  Checkmate,  Firestorm
Previous Event:  Superman: Exile
Next Event:  Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying


Black entries are ongoing series
Green entries are Limited series
Red entries are One-Shots
Blue is for comments

Reading Order

Checkmate #15

Suicide Squad #27

Checkmate #16

Suicide Squad #28

Checkmate #17

Manhunter #14

Firestorm Vol. 2 #86

Suicide Squad #29

Checkmate #18

Suicide Squad #30

Captain Atom #30