DC Rebirth

Welcome to the DC Rebirth Reading Order.  This is a reading order for all DC comics published in the Rebirth era,  beginning with DC Universe: Rebirth #1 and currently ongoing.  It proceeds directly after the New 52 and DC You reading orders.

Not including events
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Issues:  DC Universe: Rebirth #1 to Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #25

Years:  2016-2017

Events:  Night of the Monster MenJustice League vs. Suicide SquadSuperman RebornThe Lazarus Contract

First Appearances:  None

Coming directly after the end of the DC You reading order is DC Rebirth.  Meant as a jumping on point for new readers,  it also brought back the pre-New 52 continuity that longtime comics fans loved.  If you haven’t yet you may want to give Watchmen a read…

Issues:  Superman Vol. 4 #29 to New Challengers #6

Years:  2017-2018+

Events:  Dark Nights: Metal

First Appearances:  None

DC eventually drops the DC Rebirth branding in favor of a more generic DC Universe branding.  The continuity established by DC Rebirth continues.

Issues:  Damage Vol. 2 Annual #1 to Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 8 #7

Years:  2018-2020+

Events:  Heroes in CrisisDrowned EarthEvent LeviathanCity of BaneThe Infected

First Appearances:  None

The continuity established by DC Rebirth continues. The Heroes in Crisis event takes place and the march towards Doomsday Clock continues.