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Welcome to the DC Universe.  We will try to help you navigate the history of DC Comics and provide you with several options on how to tackle the enormous number of comics.  If you are interested in a certain event head over to the Event section and start reading.  If you have a particular character you would like to read about head to the Character section and choose one of the many Character Reading Orders.  If those options don’t seem complete enough for you and you want to read thousands of comics covering the breadth of the DC Universe head to the DC Master Reading Order and dig in.

Event Orders
Character Orders

Starting Points

DC wants you to read their comics.  To help facilitate this they have tried to make easy jumping-on points.  There are several good starting points to begin reading DC comics.

If you want the most complete look at the DC Universe there is really only one place to start,  way back at the beginning.  Honestly this isn’t recommended for everyone.  If you choose this you will experience all the events and learn about all the characters but it comes at the cost of reading thousands and thousands of issues.  If this is what you want to do we have you covered.  Just head to the DC Master Reading Order and start reading.

An alternative to reading everything in the Master reading order would be to choose the characters you are interested in and reading their individual Character Reading Orders up to one of the other Starting Points and then continuing on from there.

Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985 serves an an endpoint to the Golden and Silver Age DC comics.  When you hear the terms Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis this is the event people are referring to.  After the event all characters were given new and updated origin stories.  If this is where you want to start reading go to the DC Master Reading Order Part 2 and begin reading.
The Infinite Crisis event in 2005 is a sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths and the aftermath of the event is a good place to start reading.  After the event all series skip forward a year and begin telling new stories.  You can read the series 52 that fills in the gap between the event and the One Year Later stories.  If this is where you want to start reading head to the DC Master Reading Order Part 6 and begin reading after Infinite Crisis.

Optionally you could start reading before the Infinite Crisis event starting with Identity Crisis and continuing with Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

The New 52 was a line-wide relaunch of every DC Comic in 2011.  This relaunch was specifically designed to provide new readers with a place to start reading.  If this is where you want to start reading go to the New 52 Reading Order and begin reading.

The latest jumping on point is DC Rebirth.  All series were relaunched with the intent to restore the DC Universe to a form much like that prior to the “Flashpoint” event,  while still incorporating numerous elements of The New 52.

All series started with a Rebirth one-shot.


One of the unique features of the DC Universe is the Crisis events.  These are events with major consequences for the entire DC multiverse and usually there is a new status quo after each event.